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Your customers are human. They might be complex but,
they want to connect.

What makes you stand out is your ability to connect with people. Your brand needs to tell their story. It needs to create possibilities for a better life. At L.A. Marketers, we believe in people and we build brands that inspire them. We construct brand identities with your future in mind; keeping them relevant, timeless and captivating for years to come. We provide the complete package, from brand development and creative design to content marketing and social media; all under one roof:

  • Brand Development

  • Content Marketing

  • Website Creation

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Advertising

  • Search Engine Optimization

  • Creative Design

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Our standards are maintained incredibly high to surpass your expectations. With our completely in-house team, we can create what we conceive without ever sending work out. Our ideas are realized exactly as we imagined them and our strategies are executed to produce the best possible results.

Brand Development

Building a business requires a solid foundation, and a strong brand identity is a key pillar in that foundation. We construct identities for both new startups who need to find their identity and well established organizations who need to remain relevant with new and ever changing target demographics. Our team handles all aspects of the development of these brands, from company name and logo design to tag lines and marketing messages. We get excited to see your brand come to life in our hands.

Our brand development process involves:

  • Personal, one-on-one interviews and sessions to assess your company
  • Complete web audit to research and assess competitor’s market presence
  • An evaluation of your core competencies and service offerings

Your brand begins with the most basic elements of your company: your vision, your goals and your culture. Understanding these elements, your capabilities and your services, ensures we produce the most compelling results.

Creative Design

What makes your brand stand out is its ability to connect with people. Your brand needs to tell their story. It needs to create possibilities.
At CastSheet Designs, we believe in people and we build brands that inspire them.

Brainstorming is a way of life at CastSheet Designs. We are a community of creatives that think, feel, breathe and absorb your message. Our team of creative geniuses works closely with you to draw out and define what makes your company stand out to the consumer.

Our creative process results in many advantageous services for you:

  • Creative direction
  • Visual design
  • Creative copy writing
  • Campaign conception and development
  • Social media graphics and content
  • Graphic design

Content Marketing

Words are brush strokes on a canvas. Our content team works closely with you to creatively decide how each piece of content will most effectively reach your customers and represent your company. We ensure that your brand messaging and tone are accurately represented in every piece of content created and released on your behalf. This type of content strategy improves website rankings, brand awareness and customer loyalty.

  • SEO rich digital content
  • PR and editorial content marketing
  • Copywriting for web page content
  • Blog writing for thought leadership
  • Infographic copy writing
  • Newsletters creation and collaboration
  • Email campaign writing


Web Design/Development

Your virtual and physical representation tells the story. We design and develop your website to convey the brand message perfectly. We take pride in our ability to deliver the highest quality of online experiences. To make it all happen, we’ve assembled an incredible team of designers and developers who understand usability. Our designs are geared towards one purpose: to engage your audience.

We organized our entire team differently to ensure a seamless collaboration between the disciplines of content, design and development. Insights from customer and market research, usability testing, and innovation help our team develop experiences from concept to final UX and visual design.

  • Unique designs focused on your audience (no templates found here)
  • Experts in mobile responsiveness.
  • Technology assessment
  • Information architecture (UX)
  • Web development
  • Creative design
  • Web multimedia
  • Web application development
  • WordPress CMS platform implementation


Reaching your target audience is your ultimate goal. Our SEO strategy begins with a simple idea: real content drives real results. Our team brings
years of copywriting techniques and creativity to your brand, while infusing our core Search Engine Optimization strategy throughout your content.

  • Industry-specific keyword research and analysis for the best results
  • High quality backlink strategy for off-site optimization
  • Localized search strategy for targeting your local audience
  • Intuitive monthly reporting to show you the results of all SEO efforts


Our approach to paid media marketing opportunities starts with research. We determine the most cost effective campaigns that will return the best results for your business. Analyzing your target area and demographic
gives us a clear picture of where to spend your advertising dollars wisely.

  • Pay-Per-Click & Media Buying
  • Branded and unbranded television advertisments
  • Radio media buys.
  • Email marketing. List procurement.
  • Direct Mail including list procurement.
  • Print advertisement

Social Media Marketing

True influence comes from your audience. Clients and consumers listen to brands that are social. We work to understand your business’ objectives and goals and tell that story through social media. We can then enable you to actively engage your audience while measuring the results. At the end of the day: it’s not easy being popular.

  • Account monitoring
  • Strategic planning and development
  • Social media training
  • Content strategy
  • Account management
  • Activation
  • Social media marketing reporting and analytics